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What's Your Next Adventure...


Is your Christian life Boring? 

Do you feel that God just isn't there? 

Discovery Christian Adventures provides a unique, week-long experience that will be the thrill of a lifetime for your students.


Through a variety of daily devotionals, service projects and teachable moments, they’ll learn what it means to be daring disciples of Jesus. 

Our adventure activities teach your student what it means to truly step outside of your comfort zone, and ultimately how to follow Jesus with your whole heart.

Are you Living up to who Christ designed you to be?

Your not alone!  Social pressures can really get you off track.  

Our Mission is to help Christ Followers realize that your life, that you have been called to live, should be exciting and be full of Adventure. 

It's time to change your "view" and get out of your "Comfort

Zone" and join us for a trip of a life time to Costa Rica.


Come learn how to trust God in all areas of your life

and regain the excitement of the Christian Adventure. 

Discover who Christ called you to be.
Costa Rica - Christian Adventure
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Extreme Mountain Mission
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