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Adventures Activities

Not only will you learn more about yourself, but you will learn how to Trust in God and rely on other believers while participating in our adventure activities.

Pacuare River Rafting

Listed as one of the top rivers in the world, the Rio Pacuare is a true adventure destination.  We can plan a 1 or 2 day raft trip that takes groups through pristine rainforest and canyons.  Keep an eye out for toucans and waterfalls along the way.  Our professional river guides will help navigate the wild and fun class III and IV rapids.

Zipline Course

Ziplining or "Canopy Tours" was invented in Costa Rica.  Participate in the adventure and you will see things from a whole new perspective.  Zip through and over the rainforest on a series of lines and suspended platforms.  Our professional guides will instruction and safety checks through out the course.  Learn to overcome fears and how to "Stay Connected" to God while "zipping" through life.

Tarzan Swing

 Take your "Leap of Faith" off the platform, located over 200 feet above the river bank, as you are launched to new heights. It truly is an adrenaline rush for those craving extreme fun.

Without question, the Tarzan Swing is reported by many of our students as the highlight of their adventure. 


A true adventure within itself.  Learn to trust your fellow Christ followers and guides as you work as a team to successfully navigate down through the jungle following the creek.  You will encounter many waterfalls to repel, pools to jump in, and rocks to hop to.  This is a perfect learning experience for all participants.   All instruction and gear are provided by our professional staff.  

Surf Lessons

With a Pacific and Caribbean coast line, Costa Rica is famous as a surfing destination.

Come learn to hang 10 and catch some waves on some of the worlds best breaks.  This is a great adventure that teaches, patients and a never give-up attitude.  You will also learn how to balance your Christian walk in a world that is full of turbulence. A picnic lunch and relaxing on the beach are a must after an exhilarating morning.

cr snorkel.jpg

With 500 species of fish and 35 different species of coral, there is not better place for a snorkeling trip than the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Here you will walk out of your beach hotel and be ready for the snorkel trip as we walk in off the shore.  What a wonderful to appreciate God's creation.  This is a great adventure, as a Christ Follower, to learn how to slow down, breathe a little and to just keep swimming through a world full of misdirection.

Jungle Lodge

The Pacuare Outdoor Center is the perfect place to get out of your "comfort zone".  This is beautiful lodge carved right out of the rainforest.  There is no electricity but there is running water and flush toilets.  Watch toucans and parrots fly by as you relax on the deck, but when the lights go out, this is a whole new place.  Listen to the jungle sounds as you pray the night away!  This is also the overnight point during our 2 day raft trip and the location of the Tarzan Swing and zipline course.

Rainforest Excursions

Another true "Real" Costa Rican adventure.  

Immerse yourself into an amazing display of God's creation.  Learn to follow and stay on God's path for your life.  As you may know, its a jungle out there!

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