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Sitio de Mata,


Home Stay Community

Project Sitio
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Immerse yourself in the culture by living with a local Costa Rican family.  Sitio de Mata is a wonderful little village in the hills overlooking Turrialba. 


It is the perfect community and set-up for our mission journey Home Stays. We have been working with these families and this community for 9 years and truly believe that this experience will help you develop a "Pura Vida" outlook on life.


Getting totally out of your comfort zone is the key.  Your team will be divided into several smaller groups and will live with a local family for a few days .

This is a great way to learn the language, culture, food and local family customs. You will fall in love with your new Costa Rican momma.  These families will take the best care of you and your group during your stay in Sitio de Mata.  

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