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Ministry & Work Projects

Serve others as you Serve Christ through a variety of work projects, ministry opportunities and by helping those in need.

Construction and Home Repair Projects

Although Costa Rica has a big cities and modern conveniences, there are many areas stricken with poverty.  A great way to help local people with a long term effect is by constructing a new home site or by repairing structural damage within an existing home. Home additions and roof repair are common too. This is a great way to help families feel safe and secure.  We come along side local organizations and professionals to help these families in need.

Bus Stop Creation

The rainy season posses big threats in rural Costa Rica.  Sometimes transportation comes to a hault when roads get washed out or covered by mudslides.  Having a safe and dry place to wait for rural bus routes is key for thousands of local families that rely on public transportation.  A Bus Stop creation is a great way to leave a lasting impression with art, messages, scripture, and personal touches.

Community Outreach & Soccer Games

Language can be a big barrier when it comes to telling others about Jesus.  However, God's love can be shared in many ways.  Just bring out a soccer ball and watch what happens.  Come along and share a smile, a hug, pass out Bibles, and maybe even score a GOAL!!!

Elementary School Interactions

Most rural schools in Costa Rica hold a morning session and then an afternoon session.  In between sessions is a great way to interact with local children and share God's Love through, songs, skits, hugs, playing games, face painting, passing out Bibles, Salvation Bracelets, etc.  Some schools may even have extra projects like painting walls, mending fences, or planting a garden.

Community Fiesta Night

Sitio de Mata is a lively little village that loves to eat, dance, and share their culture.  Your group's last night will end with a FIESTA!  be ready to learn how to Salsa, and dance the night away.  However, your group will have a chance to share God's Word through songs, skits, and even a translated message.

This is a great night to thank the community and house mothers for a wonderful time!

Local Orphanage Interactions

Nothing says "missions" like working at at orphanage.

This a rewarding experience for all participants.  You will spend the day just giving your time to these forgotten children.  Make them feel special by sharing smiles, hugs, laughs and playing games!

Your group will leave Bibles, books, clothing, toys, etc. behind for the kids to continue to enjoy.

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