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Daily Devotions and Group Studies

Daily quiet times and personal devotions, followed by dynamic group discussions, will help you discover how to live a more full life as you grow in your Faith.


What makes our Christian Adventure so unique and life changing is the time that is spent focusing on God's Word.  Every Morning all participants will have a quiet time before the Lord.  This is a time to read the daily scripture, pray and to listen.

Each day we have a different devotional that coincides with the daily activity.   Each devotional has a personal and group element that provokes dynamic discussion and learning.   

Four evenings, during the trip, are spent with a 1 hour group study on topics that teach students how to trust God more each day and to grow in their Faith. 

Each participant will also journal each evening.  This a great way to reflect on how God is working in your life, your personal experiences and, to be in God's Word.

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